The old way from Trento to Povo.

This panoramic itinerary takes you out from the traffic and to some beautiful and historical corners of the hill of Povo. The itinerary starts from the East end of via Grazioli below the Franciscan monastery, a place called in the local dialect "hole of the friars" (Busa dei frati). This spot, now mostly residential, once hosted mills, forges, textiles, and other factories operated with the Fersina creek. The ascent to Povo starts from Salita Filippo Manci, which after few steps crosses the Fersina creek over Ponte Cornicchio, a single arch bridge built in 1787 by Carlo Caminada from Brienno (on Lake Como, see inscription) to replace an older bridge, already mentioned in 1254, which was destroyed by the flooding in the same year. Beneath the bridge, on the right, is the first power plant of Trentino, built by the municipality between 1887 and 1889. When it started illuminating Trento on the 20th of April 1890, it was considered, with its 750hp, the most powerful of its time in all Europe.  Its water intake was at Ponte Alto, the highest end of the Fersina gorge. Later the power station was also equipped with a steam engine.  The way climbs now steeply up, along cypress and a few olive trees, and reaches after a couple of bends the terrace of Mesiano.  After crossing the road, the walkway continues along the park and buildings of the Faculty of Engineering (1991), which was formerly a sanitarium. The way leaves the main road bending to the right, passes Villa Penner (left) and crosses the Trento-Venice railway right at the stop of Mesiano/Povo.  The street becomes now less steep,  passes Villa Gherta (1904), distant and prominent on the left side. Then, after passing the underpass on the right, the way bifurcates (take either way) and finally approaches via Sommarive, location of the premises of FBK-irst and the Faculty of Computer Science.