Invited Talks:

We are very glad to announce the invited talks by:

  • Marco Turchi, Joint Research Center, IPSC, Action Optima. "Multilingual text mining and Machine Translation activities carried out at the EC’s Joint Research Centre (JRC)". pdf
  • Hieu Hoang, Asia Online, former developer of Moses. "Mixed-Syntax Translation Model". pdf
  • Marco Trombetti, CEO of Translated. "MyMemory, machine translation meets human translation". ppt or pdf

Technical talks:

During the MT Marathon 8 papers on open-source MT-related tools will be presented:

  • Zeman, Fishel, Bojar, Berka, "Addicter: What Is Wrong with My Translations?". pdf
  • Przywara, Bojar, "eppex: Epochal Phrase Table Extraction for Statistical Machine Translation". pdf
  • Popović,  "Hjerson: An Open Source Tool for Automatic Error Classification of Machine Translation Output". pdf
  • Lambert, "BIA: a Discriminative Phrase Alignment Toolkit". pdf
  • Servan, Schwenk, "Optimising Multiple Metrics with MERT". pdf
  • Hasler, Haddow, Koehn, "Margin Infused Relaxed Algorithm for Moses". pdf
  • Crego, Yvon, Mariño, "Ncode: an Open Source Bilingual N-gram SMT Toolkit". pdf
  • Simianer, Wäschle, Riezler, "Multi-Task Minimum Error Rate Training for SMT". pdf

These papers will be published in the Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics. The journal issue will be distributed to all participants.